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Share information and statistics of websites based on general criterias globally and free. We mostly focus on country-website relationship and try to make a general view of national preferences.

Help people find what they search as web is growing uncontrollably and it becomes harder to find exact site you want to find. We try to eliminate some websites while we build up our database and this process is based on criterias such as safe content, safe environment etc.


Read and print our pages and statistics with no charge.

Add your website to have more traffic on your site and be accessible by more people.

Join surveys, which we will appreciate for taking your precious time and helping us collecting more realistic estimated values of people's thoughts.

Comment on websites to help other people understanding about that website and you can also share your experiences using that website.


You do no harm on our technology infrastructure. Any kind of attempt to hack our data or system will be considered as attack and will be reported to authorities.

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