Privacy Policy

With this notification, Rank to Rank informs users of different portals on the Internet about their personal data protection policy. Thereafter, it shall be referred to as "Users" or individually as "User". ome services offered through portals or through them require personal data that may be required at the time of subscription or registration. Rank to Rank reserves your personal data, all relationships are confidentiality obligations. With Rank to Rank, all private communication between the User / Customer will be considered confidential. Rank to Rank is responsible for automatic files with personal data of users.

Personal data required for registration include your photo, user name and surname, your country of origin, your nickname, your phone number, your website, your company and your title, your required e-mail address and other personal information. It is necessary to distribute the requested data in order to complete the user registration process. Likewise, in order to use this tool it will also be necessary to deliver the personal data required in the contact form. Your name and email address are automatically included in the file. That the Personal Data provided to the Rank to Rank is accurate and is responsible for communicating any changes to them.

The purpose of collecting and processing the data is to include the submission of questionnaire forms which the User is not obliged to answer. Thanks to the information you provide, we can communicate with you and keep you informed of innovations and developments. But with this information we do not try to find your true identity. Except for legal requirements, this is not the case.

We use the "Cookies" to collect data from your information. This information is stored via any third-party service, with the help of advertisements or search bar. Cookies actually help you to understand your browser. If you use a third-party service, we'll share your personal data with them. For example, when you use a different search engine or term, we communicate information to third parties in order to provide you with the information you want. These third-party providers do not use your information for malicious purposes.You will be notified of the third parties to whom your information will be shared. You do not share your information.

Rank to Rank is not responsible for any other security related to your account after all your information has been compromised. So you are responsible for the password or computer that you use.

You do not have to receive any informational mail from us. You can cancel immediately. Or you may not accept cookies. You can use your browser's help for this.

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are subject to all legal obligations. If you have any doubts about privacy, contact us. This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use may change as something changes over time. You can follow the changes at any time.

When you log in, we collect or analyze your IP address, browser, attachments and similar information. We can also collect the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL), the number of actions or actions you take on our website, your phone number, the terms you use, website information, visits to your web sites, and the duration of your sessions. Our software starts to work to collect these resources.

We collect data from third party services other than users. URL information, such as the IP addresses of users who visited the page.

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