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Raluca Minculete

The homepage of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers loads practically immediately as it only has a logo and a few buttons. The website developers have made it so that the website's visitors have to the choose the language before they proceed further to other pages. The 3 language options are English, Sinhalese and Tamil. The homepage links to a downloadable 'New Membership Application Form' as well as downloadable Sinhalese and Tamil fonts, for people who know those languages but are browsing through English web browsers. The English index page has links to information of the association, such as its Mission, the President of the Association's Message, Printing Companies, Event, News, etc. The right-hand column of the index page features a scrolling bar that has banner links to printing and related companies. Other pages in the English section of the website follow the same template as the index page. By not being graphically intensive, the association have ensured that their site loads quickly and is suitable for visitors that might not have fast connection speeds.


Nicolas Perriolat

The website loads quickly as there is only a single photo on the homepage, clicking which leads to the rest of the website. The content is about a Contemporary Art installation in the city of Marseille in France, as such the website is in French. Layout of the website is in blog format, with entries organized chronologically as a column. There is a small search box to the right of the central column of entries. Each entry features a photo of the exhibit and details such as the dates on which it's on display. Clicking on the title of the entry very quickly loads the pages of each entry. Under the search box there is a category panel as well as links to the Artists pages. The site doesnt have any decorative backgrounds and maintains a good balance of text and images, resulting in fast responsiveness for web users.


Cho Chang

You can find news of China here, mostly focused on business of metals, iron casting.


Mike Silver

This website has lots of useful tips generally about fashion and styles. Recommended for everyone.


Simon Alam

You can communicate through text chat or video chat. Facebook has developed them and enhanced its one to one chat to a multiple people chat. Thus facilitating a group of people to chat together at the same time.